Airbrushed Eggs

L’”Aerografia Indiretta Speculare Lucida” is a technique invented by Nicola Giotti after 12 years of long and hard work, specifically designed to give life to our famous “Airbrushed Eggs” and explained in detail in the book written by Giotti, “Metamorfosi“, published by Chiriotti Editori.

The technique consists of working in reverse: the chocolate egg is not airbrushed directly, but is worked on an egg mould.

The design is made on the mould, then transferred to the surface of the egg, which takes on an extraordinary shine thanks to the effect of the colour passing over the chocolate.

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Light is therefore the element of novelty and absolute beauty in this context.

We look forward to seeing you in our Patisserie to reserve your personalised Airbrushed Eggs, made with the highest quality chocolate and cared for in every detail.

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