Mignon pastries

AtĀ GiottiĀ PasticceriĀ you can find a very diversified line ofĀ Mignon Pastries:Ā Ā 

fromĀ traditional Mignons, such asĀ Puff Pastry or Eclairs, to various preparations based on SpongeĀ CakeĀ such as theĀ Sospiri, in the making of which we have an experience that has been handed down, for over 80 years, from generation to generation.

The “classic” production ofĀ Pasticceria MignonĀ is however accompanied byĀ innovative and classy productsĀ such asĀ MousseĀ orĀ Chiboust.

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Very modern preparations that are produced according to the time of year in which we are located; inĀ our Patisserie, you will never find a standard type of Mignon.Ā 

In fact, you will see our proposals vary, especially according to theĀ fruits of the season, but each one is carefully prepared down to the smallest detail.Ā 

Come and discover all the different types ofĀ MignonsĀ available in our shop and let themĀ delight all your senses.Ā 

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