Ceremony cakes

Whether it is your wedding or your birthday, whether you want aĀ complex and spectacular cakeĀ or aĀ moreĀ classic and simplerĀ one, we atĀ GiottiĀ PasticceriĀ will beĀ honouredĀ to make it, to accompany you and celebrate your special day with you.

The cake, on any occasion, is the most important course of a meal, so much so that it is the decree of its success: this is why it is important to entrust its realisation toĀ MastersĀ of the sector.

Depending on the event, the decoration can vary from the classic or sophisticatedĀ design, to the mostĀ surprisingĀ andĀ breath-takingĀ evolutions in chocolate, up to the non plus ultra,Ā artistic sugar, interpreted in an excellent way by our pastry chefs.

Whatever yourĀ dream, it will be a pleasure for us atĀ GiottiĀ PasticceriĀ to make it come true.Ā 

Buy our products online by contacting us at nicola.giotti@gmail.com or calling us at 0803942137
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