The chocolate egg, as well as being the symbol par excellence of Holy Easter, is also one of the flagships of Pasticceria Giotti. 

Visiting our Pastry Shop, in addition to the Airbrushed Eggs, born from the inventiveness, passion and continuous research of Nicola Giotti, you will also find the classic chocolate eggs, each with its own particularity: meticulously decorated, shapes and expressions more varied and playful and made with the highest quality chocolate. 

During the Easter period the windows of our store will be adorned with various traditional specialties, including: 

  • our Colombe¬†Artigianali,¬†made with love and proficiency and placed on display in elegant and delicate gift¬†boxes;
  • the famous Scarcelle¬†di Mandorla, a typical Apulian cake filled with almonds, covered with royal paste, iced with fondant sugar and finally decorated with figures and lace of all kinds, made with¬†technique¬†and¬†experience¬†by the skilled hands of our pastry¬†chefs;
  • the typical Agnelli in real paste, with a typical almond taste and¬†symbol of Easter¬†in all our nation.¬†

From Giotti Pasticceri Easter has a different flavor, book your favorite products.

Buy our products online by contacting us at nicola.giotti@gmail.com or calling us at 0803942137
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