Biscuits are that sweet, short break you give yourself every now and then, like a soft and loving caress: whether it’s in the morning to start a new day with more energy, in the afternoon to stop and reflect while sipping a hot cup of tea, or in the evening to treat yourself to one last cuddle and embrace before going to sleep.

Whatever your favourite time of day, it is always the right time to enjoy our delicious and delicate biscuits.

From the classic shortbread dipped in dark or white chocolate, to tartlets with sour cherry and Nutella, to apricot bull’s-eyes and squares of crispy crunch.

Particularly valuable is the Giotti Gold Line, which includes:

Chocolate diamonds

fragrant and aromatic cocoa and coffee biscuits

Chocolate nuggets cookies

of clear America inspiration

Caramel shortbread

with a delicate and addictive toffee flavour


sliced almond and pure vanilla squares


with hazelnuts


very thin short pastry medallions with sesame crunch

Swiss slices

crunchy biscuits with raw almonds and hazelnuts

The most sought-after and exclusive are our carnival rolls, in the most varied and amusing shapes, such as clowns, ladybirds, bees, lions, cats and harlequins.  

The carnival rolls have become an irreplaceable accessory of this cheerful and colourful winter festival. We look forward to seeing you in the shop during the carnival period to try them out! 

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