Spumone‚Äôs past is to be found in the pages of history dating back some 80 years ago, when the founder of this Pastry ShopNicola Giotti, began his career in this sector, working in a number of well-known bars at the time, including Bar Martinelli.

We are talking about a time when ice cream was made entirely by hand, using techniques that now are consider rudimentary, but which represented at the time the height of technology.

In this context Nicola Giotti established himself as one of the pioneers of ice cream in the town of Giovinazzo.

One of the things he made was Spumone, a dessert traditionally associated with weddings in the town of Giovinazzo: according to the custom of having this particular type of ice cream delivered to the home of all those who had received a wedding invitation.

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Once Pasticceria Giotti opened its doors, its founder continued to make Spumone until the mid-1960s, then left it aside for 30 years.  

This was until 1999, when, after renovating our workshops, we tried our hand at making it again, based on our grandfather’s¬†old recipes.¬†¬†¬†

When we read them, we came across ingredients that are no longer used in the pastry field, such as neutral (a chemical used in the past for making ice cream).  

This was the reason why we adapted the old recipes to the needs and characteristics of modern times.  

After a long and hard work of research and reinterpretation, we arrived at the final version of Spumone.  

With its cream with a special aroma, a veritable alchemy of flavours created by the infusion of aromas and spices into the ice cream, with its Sponge Cake soaked in Alchermes and its preparation time of 48 hours, this dessert is one of the highlights of our Pastry Shop.  

Our¬†Spumone¬†is considered to be “The Best Hard Piece of Ice Cream with¬†Alchermes¬†in Italy” according to an article by Korean journalist and food blogger¬†Rachel Sang¬†Hee, who published an article about it on a major German food blog.

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