Nik e Dami

The technique of “Aerografia Indiretta Speculare Lucida”, originally developed for decorating Airbrushed Eggs, was then extended by Nicola Giotti to all products made with chocolate in a mould. 

This was the beginning of a solid collaboration, at pastry level, between Giotti and Damaride Russi (molecular biologist with a specialisation in nutritionism). 

Collaboration sealed by the creation of a new brand, Nik and Dami.   

This union led to the extension of the technique to other areas, such as ice, an element that had never been airbrushed before. 

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This is how the Airbrushed Ice was born: also in this case the work is reversed, the design is made on a transparent and stable food fibre, which is then transferred inside the ice cube. 

At the moment Nik and Dami are working on the creation of Airbrushed Nougats, in view of their next engagement for the Festa del Torrone di Cremona, which will be held from 13 to 21 November 2021.

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