Almond sweets

The almondprecious seed rich in nutritious properties.

It is born and grows in our land, cared for by loving hands, and then ends up on Italian and world tables.

Its flavour, sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, is particularly exalted in our confectionery preparations.

We offer a wide range of products, each with its own flavour and special features.

Such as Bocconotto, one of our Patisserie‘s flagship sweets.

Pasticceria Giotti‘s range of mini almond treasures includes:




white and black


with candied orange

Bon Bon

with rhum and sultanas




Petit Fours


with frosting and liqueur



Bon bon

coffee or apricot flavoured


But the greatestĀ almond treasureĀ that you can find in ourĀ Pastry ShopĀ isĀ Pan delĀ Casale,Ā a soft dome of almond and honey covered with toasted almond granules, prepared without flour to enhance the tasteĀ of the characteristic Apulian seed.

Itā€™s a sweet that lives in theĀ heartsĀ ofĀ giovinazzesiĀ andĀ takes its name from the ancientĀ CasaleĀ diĀ Corsignano, where tradition has it that the icon of theĀ Madonna diĀ Corsignano, the patron saint ofĀ Giovinazzo, was found.Ā 

Pan delĀ CasaleĀ is par excellence theĀ symbolĀ andĀ celebrationĀ of theĀ confectionery historyĀ of our town.

Sasanelli are almond cakes whose unmistakable aroma perfectly represents the arrival of Autumn.

Traditionally linked in the giovinazzese tradition to the Feast of the Dead, Pasticceria Giottiā€™s Sasanelli are made from toasted almonds, vincotto, flour, a little chocolate and various flavourings such as cinnamon, cloves, orange, lemon and mandarin.

All our recipes are the result of a centuries-old local tradition, jealously guarded and cared for by our predecessors, and then handed down to us intact with their flavours. Revisited by the new generation that respects their history and secrets, our desserts are the symbol of the past that joins the future, in a dance of timeless tastes and emotions.

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