As well as being aesthetically pleasing, Pasticceria¬†Giotti’s¬†semifreddos¬†offer a wide range of choices to suit the tastes of all our customers:¬†

  • √Člite,¬†Marsala semifreddo with chocolate parfait and dry fruits biscuit;¬†
  • Sol Levante,¬†soft lemon and raspberry mousse with coconut¬†daquise;¬†
  • Mokita,¬†fine Arabica coffee semifreddo with fine zabaglione;¬†
  • Gianduiosa,¬†hazelnut¬†and gianduia semifreddo;¬†
  • Orange Bavarese;¬†
  • Dolce Estate,¬†delicious strawberry and melon semifreddo;¬†
  • Sinfonia, intriguing mill and dark chocolate mousse with Cointreau;¬†
  • Bacio,¬†delicate semifreddo with the famous¬†Perugine¬†chocolate;¬†
  • Chocolate Parfait,¬†an elegant dome of the finest dark chocolate;¬†
  • Sette¬†Veli,¬†a Bronte Pistachio and toasted almond brick alternated with very thin veils of¬†vintage¬†dark chocolate;¬†
  • Nougat Glac√©,¬†soft nougat semifreddo;¬†
  • Tronchetto¬†with three chocolates;¬†
  • Incanto,¬†spectacular red fruit and white chocolate dome;¬†
  • Cherry,¬†chocolate mousse with cherry¬†palet¬†and vanilla cream;¬†
  • Intrigo,¬†intense dark chocolate mousse with mango and lavender creamy;¬†
  • Soffio,¬†yogurt brick, apricot, ginger and white chocolate.¬†

In addition to the cakes available in the shop throughout the year, there are seasonal cakes, true dedications to the flavours and colours of the different seasons. 

As hard pieces we propose the very famous¬†Zuccotto, an authentic workhorse full of flavour, together with the classic and timeless¬†Tiramis√Ļ.¬†

Another important and sensational proposal of Pasticceria Giotti is the delicious single-portion, from the strawberry red Flowers, to the chocolate and coconut Domes, passing through orange chocolate and pistachio Babel, to finish with coffee and zabaglione Cubes. 

Our “Mon Amour” small glasses and¬†mini cones¬†complete our¬†rich¬†and¬†sweet¬†production of¬†semifreddi.¬†
What are you waiting for to come and taste them? 

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