It is 1947, the war with all its ugliness is behind us, the population cries out for rebirth and needs sweetness.  

This was the historical context in which Nicola Giotti, born in 1914, decided to found Pasticceria Giotti with his wife Gerarda de Marco. 

The pastry shop was born in the old town of Giovinazzo, in the picturesque Vico dell’Aquila.¬†¬†

It was here that Nicola Giotti,along with his family,  started producing dry cakes and cream pastries, on the strength of his long experience in the confectionery field, gained during several years of service with some aristocratic families of the time and in the Martinelli bar.  


In 1955 the pastry shop moved permanently to Via Bari 6, and it was here that the story began.  

This is where the Sospiro, the almond cakes and the Veneziana were born: its greatest prides. 

The special and careful preparation of the “Sospiro”, as well as its peculiar investiture represents the true history of Pasticceria Giotti and has become a piece of history,¬†home¬†and sweetness, so much so to become an icon of the giovinazzese sweet in the collective imagination.¬†

The range of products increased thanks to the enthusiasm of Alfredo Giotti, the eldest son of the second generation, who, after improving his knowledge of confectionery at a renowned confectioner’s shop in Bari, introduced some important new products: the Deliziose and the Zuccotto, which together with the historic Bocconotto and Mostaccioli, soon became true sacred monsters of sweetness,¬†recognised¬†and appreciated by several generations and exported by our fellow citizens all over the world.¬†

Now Pasticceria Giotti, after more than 70 years of honourable activity, contributes to creating the history of the new millennium, with the third generation of pastry chefs ready to take on the new challenges of the market. 

If you have been intrigued by this little hint of history, discover how Pasticceria Giotti can delight your eyes and your palate through the symphonic notes of its products. 

Follow us on the road of sweetness, we are waiting for you in the shop!