Chocolate, which has always been the emblem of sweet and intriguing sensations, the icon of gluttony, noble and refined, dominates our production of fine pralines. 

Let yourself be lulled by our delicious cremini in the most sought-after flavours, such as Piedmont Hazelnut PGI, Bronte Pistachio, sesame and coffee (to name but a few), by the sublimely melting chocolates, by the boeri and the croccanti. 

Spiced bars, snacks, Gran Gruè millesimati and chocolate salami are the notes of an authentic, refined and sophisticated symphony of emotions. 

Buy our products online by contacting us at or calling us at 0803942137

Our products will caress your palate and transport your mind to distant worlds, giving you flashes of happiness and moments of joy. 

We are waiting for you at Giotti Pasticceri to let you be pampered and spoiled.

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